Hon.Perry Okudzeto urges sports journalists on positive reportage

Published on: 11 February 2019


Hon. Perry Okudzeto, Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports has urged Media practitioners especially the sports journalist to have their reports channelled positively.

The Minister made the call when he joined the President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah on the need of selling disciplines in the sports fraternety positively.

Hon. Perry in his submission indicated the commitment of the government to ensure a massive development of sports in Ghana. As he outlined various measures instituted by the government to solve Ghana’s sporting infrastructure deficit.

"We(MoYS) are currently building 10 regional multi-purpose youth resource centers and renovating existing stadia. We are not just focusing on developing infrastructure but also ensuring that athletes get the needed opportunity to develop their skills".

"As sports journalists, you have an obligation to help make sports attractive. This, you can do by highlighting the positive things happening and not to make it your mission to always dwell on the negatives” he indicated.

He also made it known to the Ghana Olympic Committee to organize workshops for attaché of sports federation and sport journalists in general.

Story by Kolog Bonaventure