How Can You Bet on the Africa Cup of Nations?

Published on: 10 November 2021
How Can You Bet on the Africa Cup of Nations?

Read on for all the details on how you can bet in the African Cup of Nations.

The African Cup of Nations will soon be here! Despite obstacles and cancellations, the CAF 2021 will be underway come the 9th of January 2022. Visitors will be coming in from all over to see the games’ 33rd edition in Cameroon.

If you are looking to get in on the fun, you can think about placing your bets on who will win. Will it be Ghana this year? Who knows? Bet and find out.

Read on for all the details on how you can bet in the African Cup of Nations.

How does betting work?

If you are a beginner to betting, you will find this information useful. Seasoned betters are free to keep reading, but it never hurts to gain a little more insight.

You can bet on odds that a bookmaker has set, which is the ratio between the stake, or input, and the winnings on any given outcome. For example, you can put 10 GHC on a 2/1 odds bet and, should you win, you’ll receive 20 GHC. Most odds are presented in fractions, but some bookmakers work in decimals.

How does football betting work?

Being the most popular sport in Africa and much of Europe, betting is also a popular endeavour in the countries within them. In fact, football typically makes up around 40% of all betting, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

Bookmakers will often present special offers and competitive odds to keep their customers happy. Taking advantage of these offers will allow you to make the best value bet. Betting mobile app 10bet launched in Africa this year, enabling African fans to get in on the betting. It means a lot of new eyes are on the sport, creating more buzz for the sport and the championship.

Football offers a huge variety of scenarios to be bet on, with different odds coming from bookmakers. Everything from the black and white outcome of the match to the number of goals scored, any penalties, red and yellow cards issued, etc. You can even combine some of these to create your well-rounded bet, for more of a chance of winning something.

The simplest bet is a match bet, which simply asks who will win the game. There are only three outcomes: the home team wins, the away team wins, or there is a draw. There is also the possibility of betting on the half time outcomes with the same three choices.

Bet building is the newest form of betting to the industry. They are essentially a selection of outcomes from the one match rather than a number of matches, like red and yellow cards, offsides, goal scorers, etc. It is more difficult to have every aspect of your bet come true, therefore it can garner a bigger result if you get it all correct. However, you would have to be knowledgeable of the sport, the teams and the players involved to get a good result.

How should I bet on the CAF?

If you are looking to get in on the betting fun at the African Cup of Nations, you should get involved with the help of 10bet Ghana. The 10bet platform offers a wealth of information on each team’s stats, including how many games the two opponents have played, and their outcomes, their total goals, and their victories.

The qualifying games have already been drawn, resulting in Ghana being placed in Group C with Morocco, Comoros, and Gabon. African Cup of Nations defenders Algeria is in Group E with Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, and Cote D’Ivoire. Perhaps the two will meet further down the line to gain the cup.

Before the games have even started, bookmakers have started making predictions for players to bet on. Ghana has 13/2 odds, making for a decent payout if you win your stake. They are the second favourites to lift the cup behind Egypt at 9/2. Ghana have always been the team that were close but no cigar since their 1982 defeat, consistently showing up to the semi-finals or finals of previous African Cup of Nation championships but never winning, such as their 2010 and 2015 games. Maybe, with some determination and skill, this is the year they do it. Bookmakers seem united in the thought that if they don’t win, they are sure to get close.

Other odds include Senegal at 7/1, Ivory Coast at 8/1, Nigeria at 9/1, Morocco at 11/1, Algeria at 12/1, Cameroon at 12/1, Mali at 14/1, Tunisia at 14/1 and others at 16/1.