How The Best CBD Oil For Pain Helps Football Players

Published on: 11 December 2019

CBD is cannabinoid derived from a hemp plant. It is an ingredient that has been used to aid people suffering from pain and swelling for years. This use, however, was usually not in formal medicine.

CBD has been a staple of homeopathy treatments and homemade remedies. Over the past few years though CBD has gone mainstream. Getting endorsements from former professional athletes that rave about its effectiveness to treat bruising and overall pain.


CBD Oil Has Many Uses

CBD oil has many uses obviously one of them is being used as an anti-inflammatory agent to aid in the reduction of swelling and, therefore, pain. As a football player, swelling and pain are unavoidable parts of the game.

Pain and swelling are not the only things though as you can try Blessed CBD oil to help combat it. It is also used as a powerful sleeping aid. In other instances, it is mixed in with face creams and helps hydrate a person’s skin. The fact that it has essentially many different uses has allowed CBD to enter many homes including those of football players.


Reduction Of Joint Pain

The use of CBD to help patients with arthritis is becoming more and more popular. It is also being used to help patients with different levels of joint pain. In football joint pain in the knees, and ankles can be common. Also, shoulder and wrist injuries on goalkeepers are a common trend.

CBD oil can be applied directly to the affected area and help reduce inflammation and pain overall. It can also help players replace a lot of the other methods to reduce pain. Which main include ingesting all sorts of different pain killers that can have a negative effect on the body even if they do reduce pain for a while.


Applying It To Specific Areas To Reduce Inflammation

The way that CBD oil is applied is pretty much the same way that you would apply a sports cream or any other type of topical medication. All that you are going to have to do is apply it directly onto the affected area. Now when it comes to how much CBD oil you should apply that can be a tricky question.

Not every type of CBD oil that can be found out there will have the same amount of CBD. Actually, for the most part, CBD oils are a combination of CBD extract and other ingredients. Also, people will react differently to even the same doses of CBD. Therefore, it is important to find the right type of CBD oil that helps you as a player the best. Consulting your doctor is advised if you are not sure of the proper dosage needed.


The Best CBD Oil For Football Players

CBD oil is not all exactly the same. What you have to understand is that what is extracted from the hemp plant directly is not oil. CBD oil is basically made by diluting the CBD extract that you get from the plant with coconut oil or other types of oil. Therefore you are going to be able to find different types of CBD oil out there. What is the most effective oil for football players? That really depends on what you want the CBD oil to be combined with and how you want to ingest or apply it.

Most CBD oils that are known for being crafted to help with pain will have a touch of eucalyptus oil. Other presentations will tell you they include a touch of essential oils. Also, the dosage is something that you are going to want to watch. Some will include a more concentrated formula that will more CBD. It is hard to pin down one perfect brand or a specific product. It really depends on the athlete’s individual needs!


Does CBD Oil Work For Football Players?

There are not a lot of formal studies that people could fall back on to prove that CBD oil works to alleviate pain. What is available is first-hand testimonies from current footballers and other athletes that claim CBD has worked wonders for them.

The footballer who is most outspoken about her use of CBD is World Cup Champion and very recently Ballon’d'or winner Megan Rapinoe. She even owns a company that makes CBD based products. Other sports stars such as former American football players like Rob Gronkowski and Lofa Tatupu also own CBD companies and claim their use of CBD has rid them of all ailments.


Why Not Many Footballers Have Gotten On Board

There may not be as many footballers as outspoken as Megan Rapinoe about their use of CBD. There is a great reason for that though. Up until 2018 the World Antidoping Agency, or WADA, still banned the use of CBD. Therefore no professional player playing in a FIFA sanctioned league could freely take CBD.

Although the ban has basically been lifted WADA does still ban the use of marijuana. There is a chance that if you take CBD regularly traces of THC found in marijuana could show up on a doping test. This is something that most if not all players do not want to risk.



Although CBD usage may not become popular in the professional game for quite some time, many amateur players still live with plenty of pain. If you are trotting out to the pitch every Sunday and you want to continue to do so for many more years, using CBD to help you cope with pain and inflammation could be a great way to achieve that. It may take some time for you to find the perfect oil for you, but if you get good results it can certainly be worth it.


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