Is it reforms or New Football Module?

Published on: 18 July 2018

It's becoming confusing to many lovers and administrators of Football in Ghana as to the direction of the game in the country, while to government continues to take steps to dissolve the existing GFA, there are many who continue to use the word REFORM But are the two same?

Dissolving and Forming a new FA is not same as REFORMING- in reforms, we make amendments, inputs, changes, etc to an existing structure.  In dissolution, we break everything down, start fresh, possibly with an entire new structure.

In the case of Ghana what do we seek to do *DISSOLVE OR REFORM*?

it is important we don't confuse the two, the current FA structure has run for 13 years, we "Seem" to have issues with it, is it the entire structure of statutes, Regulations, administration, political set up, etc that have problems?

Which of the areas of the current set up has defects that needs amendments.

If indeed we want a reform, we must pick the statutes, and Regulations of the GFA, and do an article by article analysis on which of the areas have defects, and needs to be amended, or deleted, these amended articles should be able to answer the questions of "yesterday, today and tomorrow", it should anticipate a foreseeable outcome in the next 10 years and beyond, we can then compare these to other countries, in fact football has a general language rule with minimal situations that effect an area which should also be considered.

If we are bent on dissolving, and " building" an entire new football system, one thing must come to mind, which *MODULE* are we going to adopt?

This will largely depend on many factors including the resource base of the clubs, the capacity of administrators, infrastructure, government's committee, the understanding of fans, and the general disposition of Ghanaians on how world football runs.

The type of *Module* we adopt with determine the type of investment we want to have in the game.

There are the British modules, the Nigerian module, the South African Module, the Ghanaian module etc to chose from, we can also decide to create a whole new module to suit our needs for today, and let "tomorrow take care of itself"

But it is important to note that whichever way we go, there is Price to pay, and the consequences of this action must be embraced by us all.

Asikimila writes from an unknown location Wednesday, July 18, 2018. 6:25am