Is The Premier League About To Ban Gambling Sponsorships?

Published on: 14 January 2021
Is The Premier League About To Ban Gambling Sponsorships?
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As the online casino business booms like never before, a growing number of businesses are seeking to create generative partnerships with online sites and companies.

Premier League gambling shirt sponsorships have been big news lately. Almot half of all EPL clubs now carry gambling firms as sponsors, with companies happy to trade huge amounts in order to get deals with some of English football’s biggest clubs.

However, there have been calls from some quarters to ban the practice of gambling sponsorships in the EPL.

In this article, we will take a look at whether the Premier League is about to ban gambling sponsorships.

Let’s start with a look at the question directly, taking into account recent concrete developments around the issue.

Will gambling sponsorships be banned?

With gambling sponsorships worth so much to clubs, it is unlikely that they will be banned any time soon.

However, there have been calls from those in government to ban the practice, with claims largely based on the idea that gambling shirt sponsorships can lead to society’s most vulnerable getting involved in problem gambling.

Back in July 2020, a House of Lords select committee recommended that EPL clubs not be permitted to carry gambling companies as shirt sponsors. It will certainly be interesting to see whether the FA acts on this recommendation.

Why do Premier League clubs want gambling sponsorships?

In terms of comprehending the benefits of gambling shirt sponsorships for clubs in the Premier League, the top issue to grasp why clubs can earn many millions of pounds from these shirt sponsorship deals.

In the last few years, Premier League clubs have been gaining enormous sums from gambling companies for deals. Some say that there is over £350 million in place for gambling deals in the EPL.

Chief among these is West Ham United’s agreement with Betway, which is £10 million each year.

Next is Everton’s £9.6 million deal with Kenyan firm SportPesa, whilst Wolverhampton Wanderers’ deal with ManBetX brings in £8 million a year.

As the profile of online gambling increases, so does that of casino sites in general. Websites such as offer players in the UK with a secure, simple spot to enjoy slot machine games and more.

Are there really any downsides to gambling sponsorships in the Premier League?

In terms of the downsides of EPL gambling shirt sponsorships, it is important to weigh up the political, social and moral issues at hand.

Basically, the main issue around gambling sponsorships in the Premier League is that they expose a young audience to betting. Data shows that young people are now signing up to betting sites in higher numbers than ever, with the practice more commonplace than at any other time.

Overall, the positive aspects of gambling sponsorships for clubs in the Premier League are huge, with massive amounts to be earned.

With that said, the concerns raised by some figures in government will no doubt continue to be assessed and so clubs may face limits in terms of future deals, though this appears unlikely to happen any time soon.