Jerome Otchere writes: Yankah’s bid and the GFA election

Published on: 08 June 2023

The more I reflect on reports that former Western Regional Football Association Chairman, Kojo Yankah has declared his intention to contest for the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), the more I find nothing substantial in his declaration of intent.

Perhaps I must take it as a show of intent – nothing more. Reading the news story, I did not find anything weightier, persuasive, or convincing that would warrant my vote if I had one. I did not hear his grand plan or big transformational agenda for Ghana football.

Paying close attention, his position was, people’s interest in the game has waned and that the game needs fresh people with fresh ideas. “I am fully prepared; the time has come for me to make a lasting impression on Ghana Football. Ghana football needs a fresh administration; I am the right person for the job. People’s passion for Ghana football has waned, and I am determined to restore it,” he told Happy FM.

His point about how interest in our football has declined is valid. That puts him in a huge, open place where he must not only be telling football enthusiasts how people have abandoned even our biggest league game but then also show how his administration would restore the lost passion.

Eight years as the WRFA Chairman equipped Kojo Yankah with some knowledge or experience. That, however, amounts to nothing if ahead of the polling he is unable to demonstrate how he would reverse any downward trend. And this should be some advice for all would-be candidates. Show what you would do differently to solve problems our football face or be better than what Kurt Okraku has offered.

There is a lot to be said on the GFA election: Why there does not seem to be a clear timetable yet; speculative reports indicating the election might not come this year; allegations of the current GFA secretly campaigning and more.

The above are all conjectures or guesswork. What nobody, either in the present administration or outside the football ecosystem (apologies to Kurt) should not take for granted is the interest Ghanaians have in who leads their football. Many eyes are on the processes leading to the election and every bit of it would be critically scrutinised.