Jurgen Klopp Uninterested in Copying Man Utd's Spending Habits as He Calls for Focus Ahead of Clash

Published on: 15 October 2016

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists he 'does not care' about the spending power of other clubs as he prepares his team to face bitter rivals ManchesterUnited at Anfield on Monday, theMirrorreports.

The Reds' visitors on Monday spent an estimated £150m during the previous summer transfer window to revamp the squad, which included the £89m world-record breaking signing of midfielder Paul Pogba.

Klopp, however, made a £16m profit in the transfer window and he insists he is happy with the frugal approach used ahead of the season.

I don't care about how much money another club can spend," the former Borussia Dortmund boss said.I don't think about it for one second of my life. Absolutely not.

Having more money, or all the money in the world is not in my dreams for the manager's job.

I have never thought about this. So I'm completely fine with this situation.

I am completely fine with what we could spend and what we did spend - and that was not nothing.�

The Reds, who have enjoyed four straight wins in the Premier League, are being touted as favourites for the heavyweight clash and contenders for the title.

But Klopp, who acknowledges there is a 'positive atmosphere' around Liverpool due to their start to the season, has called for the continuation of 'hard work'.

He added:It is really good to hear about nice things, but we must remember that football is not the most serious thing in the world.

Of course, as human beings we all have our expectations, and at this moment there is still a positive atmosphere in and around Liverpool.

That is good. But it doesn't mean the season is finished when we get another three points. We wont say ˜stop, as we are in the position we want to be'.

To keep this good situation we need to work. I don't care what people do around me.

A lot of good teams are around and the good times will not just come back just because we wish them."