Kanchelskis slates Mourinho\'s Man Utd: No wingers. The midfield is soft

Published on: 08 December 2017

Manchester United Double winner Andrei Kanchelskis has launched a withering attack on manager Jose Mourinho.

Kanchelskis claims Mourinho is too defensive in his tactical approach while Pep Guardiola's Manchester City team is playing the more entertaining football.

“Do I rate Guardiola over Mourinho? At the moment, yes," Kanchelskis told the Daily Express. “City are playing at a higher level than United. United have some big names, big players, but City are making a better demonstration of football. They are playing the more entertaining football.

“Some games I'm not happy watching United. Mourinho plays more defensively. It is not like we played under Sir Alex Ferguson. He would never set out his team to play like that.

“We always played with two wingers – me on one side and Ryan Giggs on the other – and we won many titles. Now it is City who play with wingers and they are scoring a lot of goals.

“United need wingers to service [Romelu] Lukaku and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic. If you've no service, it's difficult for them to score goals.

“I also think United need some harder midfielders. When I played, we played had Paul Ince and Roy Keane. They were kicking everything like dogs. Nobody wanted to play in the middle against them. They were unbelievable, so strong.

“We wouldn't worry about being defensive and could concentrate on attacking because we had those two protecting the defence. There would be improvisation, sometimes we would play in a different way. There was Eric Cantona, Giggsy, myself and Mark Hughes. Now, for me, you're looking at only one or two good players."

Source: tribalfootball.com