Kevin Boateng finally admits he would welcome a Black Stars return

Published on: 01 November 2016

Suspended Ghana player Kevin-Prince Boateng has noted that he would welcome a return to the Ghana senior national team.

Boateng has not played for the Black Stars in the last two years after his expulsion from camp during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The Las Palmas player told CCTV Africa he is open to the idea of returning to the Black Stars and narrated what led to his expulsion from the team's camp during the last World Cup.

“There were people who had a problem with me,” he said. “I don’t know for what reason. They had their reason but they made them up. I think it was not the right decision that they kicked me out.”

“It is for every player a big dream to play a World Cup. If there would be a chance to play a third World Cup I would not say no.

“There are not a lot of players who can say they played in three World Cups. But before this happens we have to have a lot of talks because I don’t want to go back with a bad spirit. If I would go back, I want everything to be perfect so we can work perfect together.”

Boateng has been in fine form this season with four goals in eight games for Las Palmas in the Spanish La Liga, more than his goals tally for the last two seasons.


  • Yohanes
    says: 4 years ago
    yeah I finally support Kevin prince Boateng for his plan for de return .. I will be very happy if he returns to join the team .. a lot of people are making bad comments about his return but let's see the way forward ..thanks
  • Yohanes
    says: 4 years ago
    when a baby shit on your thighs you don't use knife to cut it but you use rag to clean it so why they can't forgive him and welcome him back in the team .with his help the team can make it successful.. so am pleading all Ghanaians to forget the passed and admit him thanks..