Kwesi Appiah is not the only person owed by GFA - Kurt Okraku

Published on: 21 May 2020

Ghana Football Association President Kurt Okraku has disclosed that former Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah is not the only one owed by his outfit.

The 60-year-old is currently demanding his unpaid wages for six months from August 2019 to December 2019 amounting to $185,000.

Speaking in an interview with Sports Check, the FA boss also revealed that the Association owes some of the ex-backroom staff including Stephen Appiah and Richard Kingston.

"It’s most unfortunate honestly speaking; I would not want the FA or for that matter the government to come into the public space in that manner," he said.

"Indeed we initiated the processes, everybody knows including Kwesi Appiah know the processes that are involved.

"He knows the FA engaged him but the FA doesn’t pay his salaries, it’s the ministry of youth and sports that’s is responsible for the payment of salaries of all of our national teams' coaches and they do it via the sponsorship from  GNPC so it’s a bit of a  like triangle so there are processes one has to go through at times it delays and at times it does end quickly.

"It’s unfortunate he went public, but it’s his singular Prerogative and let me say it’s not only Kwasi Appiah who is owed, Stephen Appiah is owed, Richard Olele Kingston is owed too and even Avram Grant was owed but it has been cleared," he concluded.