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Published on: 07 August 2019

Thanks to modern technology,  access to the livescore today have become a reality for every sports fan. Now just a few clicks allow you to monitor information in a convenient format and stay at the forefront of sporting events.

One of the main intrigues of the upcoming season will be the champion race in Germany. In the previous draw, Bayern has managed to win gold medals only in the final round. That season Borussia led in points during the major part of the tournament distance, but in the second round the Bumblebees started to lose points too often and, as a result, lost their first position.

However, in the next season, Favre’s squad is quite capable to catch up and finally dethrone Bayern from the first place in the standings. Borussia has already made several high-profile acquisitions: Hazard, Hummels, Brandt, Schultz. Such players are quite able to challenge Bayern in the long run.

You can monitor today livescores of the young team on the website of sports statistics at any time of the day. The previous season, everything was decided only in the final round, and there is a possibility that the upcoming season will also please us with a tense struggle for the Silver bowl.


What to expect from Borussia Dortmund in the upcoming season?

The team from Dortmund has seriously upgraded, among their serious losses is probably only the departure of Pulisic, and even considering this, in the second half of the season the American was only a player of the rotation. The potential trump cards of Borussia Dortmund in the long and busy tournament distance include:

  1. Good and really balanced lineup. Despite the fact that the main trump cards of the Bumblebees are still in the attack, the defence also looks stable.
  2. The progress of young football players. Last season, Hakimi and Sancho reached a brand new level. Now they have gained the necessary experience, so they can easily show their maximum for the whole season.
  3. Great teamwork. Over the past year, the players managed to become a real team. Common goals and a good atmosphere in the club are also very important in the fight for the title.


Many people expect Borussia Dortmund to finally cease the long-term hegemony of Bayern in the domestic arena. The team has everything necessary for this task. The main thing is to add a little stability, which it lacked in the end of the previous season when it was necessary for each match, and the players were forced to literally give their last bits of strength.

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