Man City defender Jason Denayer involved in Brussels bar brawl

Published on: 24 May 2017

Manchester City defender Jason Denayer has been caught up in a brawl while on holiday.

The Mirror says says the fight occurred in a bar in Brussels.

The 21-year-old was on loan at Sunderland this season but will return to the Etihad after the Black Cats' relegation and after being caught up in the scuffle, his representative has shed light on what transpired.

"That [the violent action] can be perceived as aggressive, but it is clearly a defensive response from Jason," De Preter told HLN. "His reaction was one of panic and protection.

"Jason spent two days this weekend in Belgium because he had been given leave from his club. He decided to go out for a night with his best friends, but when he left the nightclub it went wrong.

"Jason stepped calmly to his car, which is down the street when he heard a sudden noise behind him. When he turned he saw his best friend had become involved in a skirmish. Jason called to stop but without effect. It is true that he has handed out a kick, but it was intended only defensive.

"As soon as his friend was saved, Jason walked to his car. That was meanwhile half demolished, but he is still able to drive off. He himself is very shocked by the incident."