Marco Verratti Turned Down AC Milan in the Past as Brother States 'He'll Stay in Paris for Life'

Published on: 08 March 2017

Marco Verratti's brother confirmed the midfielder 'dreamed of Juventus' when younger, seeing how he was a Juve fan growing up. However he also had the opportunity to play for AC Milan, but decided he was too young for the move.

At the beginning, Milan wanted him, but he was 14 and he didn't want to go because he was very young." He told L'Equipe viaFootball-Italia

With hindsight I think it would have been a mistake for him to go there at such a young age. He'd have been sad, he's have played badly¦it could have broken him.�

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was close to joining the Bianconeri in 2012, but ultimately made the move to Parc des Princes, and has been linked with a switch to Turin ever since.

Personally I thought he would go to Juventus, because when we were little and we played football in our room or in the piazza in Manopello, our dream was Juventus.

In fact Marco had signed for PSG. Everything had been done in a week, my mother was surprised that he didn't choose Italy. When she called me to tell me, I thought: ˜Paris isn't 20km from the house, it's far away!'.

Will he leave PSG? My brother has always been respectful of the team, I think if he can he'll stay in Paris for life.

He's very attached to this city, it's where his son was born. It was in Paris that Marco became a man. Teammates change, but the club and the city remain.

In my opinion, Marco will only return to Italy if PSG decide he's no longer useful here. What I hope is that when he's 30, 32 he'll come back to finish his career with Pescara.''