MARSEILLE, Rudi GARCIA: "We need to harness this unique context"

Published on: 20 September 2018

Facing EL opener against Eintracht Frankfurt, Olympique Marseille (last edition runner-ups) manager, Rudi Garcia, said during latest French club press conference: "It will be very special. It will be necessary to draw on our strength and personality, to harness this very unique context. I think this is the second time this happened in the history of the club. This should not change our desire to win. Despite all this, and the quality of the opponent, that I recall beat Bayern in the final of the German Cup, we want to come out of this match bringing three points of victory with us, and we want to start this competition. We know it will be difficult against an opponent who plays in one of the major European leagues. So this is a very very important game, it's the first of a mini-championship, which it is imperative to start well into. This match is the second in a series of seven games. It is not necessary to make real changes to the group. Moreover, the group of 18 selected players will be the same as that of last Sunday. We are focused on this match, it will always be time to think of the championship from Friday".