Maxwell Konadu debunks being the architect behind Albert Commey’s assault

Published on: 15 September 2016
Maxwell Konadu debunks being the architect behind Albert Commey’s assault

Assistant coach of the Black Stars, Maxwell Konadu has debunked claims he was behind the attack on Aduana Stars Chief Executive Officer, Albert Commey.

The former Kotoko coach is alleged to have organized thugs to beat up Albert Commey in their league clash that ended 2:1 in favor of Wa All Stars at the Malik Jabir Stadium on Wednesday.

The outspoken CEO was handed few walking slaps by irate supporters of the home side after he questioned the controversial penalty which handed All Stars a precious 2-1 win over the visitors.

But the Ghana assistant coach has dismissed the claims as untrue.

Speaking to Accra based Happy FM, Maxwell said, “I had so many calls from people that I was responsible for the unfortunate beating of Albert Commey.

“I can state it clearly on this station that I have no knowledge of what happened because when the penalty was awarded I was on the verge of moving my car, hence I didn’t see the penalty clearly.

“And, after the penalty was converted, I didn’t get down from my car until I saw someone walking to my direction, who happened to be Albert Commey.

“From how he was talking, I decided to confront him but later changed my mind and chose to move my car from the area until I saw some fans approaching, and therefore I decided to drive away, but I think if he was beaten then it will be from the utterances he was making. But to say I was at the stadium when the incident happened, I’ll say no.”

The win makes Wa All Stars the first Northen club to clinch the Ghana Premier League.