Monies for national under-17 players to be used for Educational Bursary- Kwesi Nyantakyi

Published on: 07 December 2017

President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantayi has revealed that monies to be given to national under-17 players will be invested in an Educational bursary. 

According to the head of Ghana's football, dolling out monies to players below the ages of 17 on national duties will be a thing of the past.

Most of the players at the under 17 level are of school going agae and Mr. Nyantakyi insists these monies will be used to fund their education.

“Paying money to Under 17 players is going to be a thing of the past, they are school boys and it is prudent we use the money as education bursary for them,” Nyantakyi told Metro TV

“Most of the boys squander the money whilst their future is not secured. With the Education bursary, they can return back to school,”

” We have started with the Black Maidens and it has proven to be efficient. Now we have many of the girls in colleges in US and Europe studying and also playing soccer,” he concluded.

Players of the Black Starlets each received $4000 for reaching the quarter finals at the FIFA under-17 World Cup in India in October.

In the past there have been issues with payments of bonuses for these young players but it is now clear a similar approach to what is done with the Black Maidens will be adopted for the Black Starlets.

By Lukman Evergreen Mumin