My girlfriend convinced me to extend my contract with Östersund FK- Ghana defender Sam Mensiro

Published on: 10 August 2017

Ghana defender Sam Mensiro has extended his contract with Swedish side Östersund FK after consulting his girlfriend.

The defender came close to leaving the club but insists it was the right decision for him at the moment.

Sam Mensiro who returned to Östersund FK in 2016 after loan spells in Solvenia revealed it was hard to make a decision but he girlfriend was instrumental in his final choice.

"I can tell you that it was very close to moving. But after thinking about and listening to my girlfriend Erika's opinions, I have now chosen to play in Östersund. After I made the decision, it feels right. I have signed for another three years in the club. It's a very long contract, but it's easy to sign on for as many years as you like,” he said.

Sam Mensiro nearly left Östersund FK for New Zealand after featuring in the Europa qualifiers in Turkey against Galatasaray but the 28 year old insists he was happy with the fans reactions about his move.

“Yes, there are those who appreciate what I have done. I received lots of messages after my statement that I might have to move. Hope some are happy that I stay. One that really is, I am, at least!”

Meanwhile, Coach Graham Stephen Potter is happy with the defenders decision.

"He is one of our key players who have been here for a long time and understands how we work. It feels really good that he stays as he is extremely important to the team building. He is also a great guy outside the football field which means a lot to the group,” says Graham Potter.

By Lukman Evergreen Mumin