Myron Boadu excited after goal against PSV

Published on: 23 October 2021

Precisely on Dutch soil, Myron Boadu made his first goal for AS Monaco on Thursday evening. The twenty-year-old striker is happy that he is from scratch.

Coach Niko Kovac allowed Boadu to show it again from the start against PSV. Within nineteen minutes he paid back that confidence with a hit. The former AZ striker trumped Armando Obispo and poked the ball past Joel Drommel. Afterwards, he appeared in front of the ESPN camera with a big smile.

"I always score in the top players, I think," said Boadu, who in his last two seasons at AZ was good for no fewer than seven goals in games against the traditional top three. “PSV is a very good opponent, but I think I have already scored three times against them. I'm just glad I scored today, that it's against PSV is just a coincidence," he explained. It was a welcome boost for Boadu. The young striker is not always sure of a base place in Monaco and did not socren in his first eleven appearances.

"Of course it's tough, but as a footballer you have to challenge yourself," said Boadu. 'I have done that. Of course it doesn't happen automatically, I have to work hard and train hard every day and sometimes I also have luck in competitions. But I have the feeling that I was always close to him and now I score him fortunately," said the attacker, who recently became discredited at the Dutch Juniors.

National coach Erwin van de Looi put Boadu on the bench there due to a lack of commitment. 'I don't read all the criticism I get, but that from the Dutch Juniors, of course, came through. That's not nice to hear of course, not everything is true, but I'm trying to let it slide and focus on football," he said.