NATIONS - Neymar on 2014 World Cup: injury destroyed my dream

Published on: 14 October 2021

In a documentary on Neymar produced by DAZN, the Paris Saint-Germain player discusses his injuries at the 2014 World Cup, which he describes as "one of the worst periods of my career."

It was one of the worst moments of my career. It destroyed my dream to keep playing in the World Cup. When I felt that pain in my back, I remember that Marcelo wanted to help me up, but I was really in pain. I then tried to move my legs, but I wasn’t able to. I didn’t have the strength to get up. I told them: ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t feel anything’.”

“The doctor told me, ‘I have good news and bad news’. I asked him to tell me the bad news first. He said, ‘your World Cup is over’. I started sobbing, and asked him, ‘and the good news?’ – he said: ‘you were two centimetres away from not being able to walk anymore’.”

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