New Edubiase will not accept Covid-19 relief fund - Abdul Salam Yakubu

Published on: 17 July 2020

President of New Edubiase Football Club, Abdul Salam Yakubu has openly declared he has rejected the Covid-19 relief package.

The Division One League side are set to receive USD$7,500 together with other 48 clubs.

The Ghana FA have received a total of $1.8m from FIFA and CAF to help ease the burden on the clubs due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

However, the Finance Committee of the FA have proposed a disbursement strategy which was approved the Ghana FA’s Executive Council.

The plan in which the monies will be allocated has generated a lot of controversies among administrators in the country.

According to Abdul Salam, he will not accept the money from the GFA due to what he describes as unfair disbursement by the Ghanaian football governing body.

"You have to give out what a person deserves," he told Asempa FM. "We are all in distress and for the past two or three seasons, Premier League clubs and Division One League clubs are not able to buy and sell players and now coronavirus has ruined everything.

"Luckily enough, we now have money from CAF and FIFA for the clubs. If a club deserves $50,000, all the clubs must be given $50,000 and that is what the Executive Council must do.

"When you have that money, you use it to take care of the club for some months but you don't give me $7000 without any explanation. It is not enough for me and my club because the money is solely for clubs.

"I don't have money at the moment and I have already told my players and the management that we are yet to receive money from the FA but with the decision of the FA, I have rejected the money and I will go and look for money to give to my players and the management.

"If the FA fails to show Division One clubs the needed respect, this is how things will be. I have rejected my money and I expect the various clubs to take FA on. I hate cheating and it is clear that the FA want to cheat the clubs and we club owners must stand up," he added.

The Ghana Football Association is now USD$1.8m richer after receiving COVID relief fund from FIFA and CAF.