Normalization Committee Special Competition Format Drawn

Published on: 08 January 2019

Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalization Committee has drawn a format for it's special competition after extraordinary meeting with the clubs on Tuesday at the FA's Secretariat.

The committee has organised a special competition to fix the void of the truncated Ghana Premier League following Ana's Aremeyaw Ana's exposé.Champions of the competition will represent the West African Country in next year CAF Competitions.

The competition will have the topflight teams and second tier clubs battle for a slot to Africa.

Below are the format;

16 Ghana Premier League clubs and 48 Division One League (64 clubs) would be paired for the first round of the competitions.

32 Winners would move straight to tier 1 with 8 groups. 32 losers will make tier 2 with 8 groups.

TIER 1 and 2: 4000 will be Clubs that qualify for the R16 games.

QFs - 5000 will be given to tier 1 teams and 4000 for tier 2 clubs.

SFs - 100,000 will be given to tier 1 teams and 50,000 to tier 2 teams

TIER 1: Right after the Groups - the winners move through to R16 - QFs - SFs and Final.

TIER 2: Same format, Losers of tier 1 R16 play 2nds of Tier 2 Groups. Then QFs - SFs and Final Ghana Premier League, Division One League

FINAL - Tier 1: Winner takes GHC 100k for the club and extra 100k for only the players.

Runner up takes 50k for the Club and extra 50k for the players.

Tier 2: Winner takes GHC 75k for the club and extra 75k for only the players.

Runner up takes 40k for the Club and 40k for players.

It will be a two-legged affair during all rounds of the competition except the final.

Winner of Tier 1 represents Ghana in the CAF Champions League.

Winner of Tier 2 represents Ghana in the CAF Confederation Cup.

However, GHC20,000 will be offered as participating fees to Clubs that participate, for their Group games.


Story Kolog Bonaventure