PFAG meets players and officials of Nsoatreman

Published on: 02 June 2023

Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) met players, technical team, and officials of Nsoatreman on Friday 2nd June. 

PFAG for some time now has been visiting clubs to discuss issues about player welfare, contracts, etc. It was Nsoatreman's turn to host officials from the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana.

PFAG took to its official Facebook page to confirm the meeting.

"We paid a visit to the players and technical team of Nsoatreman F C as part of our ongoing drive to show our unwavering support with all members of the Association"

The PFAG delegation, led by Tetteh Zutah, met with the playing body and officials of the club.

The PFAG is trying to create a solid bond between professional footballers, their clubs, and the FA in order to uphold, defend, and support those players' interests as well as to equip them with transferable skills when their playing days are over.