Popular world championships and their all today livescores

Published on: 23 October 2019

Among the many interesting sports in the modern world, football, basketball, hockey and tennis stand out, however, on some continents, the preferences of sports fans differ. The attention of some fans is focused on cricket, volleyball, and rugby. Most fans enthusiastically monitor all today livescore of American football matches, with its multi-million dollar contracts, abundance of stars and high level of entertainment, which are not inferior to European competitions.

Of course, each audience of fans loves a certain sport, but many of them try to keep abreast of several events at once, being carried away by cup confrontations and championships in different sports. For a change, the organizers are constantly trying to improve the format of tournaments and cups, adding new trophies over time, for which popular and famous teams enthusiastically fight.

Keeping track of all today’s livescores is pretty easy these days. Today, there are enough statistical websites covering the details of numerous events taking place every day.


Best sports in terms of number of views

At different times, the popularity of some sports tournaments increased and then decreased, but football has always remained the best in the entire history - the game of millions is still enjoyable, striking with a large number of matches and international trophies.

In particular, the most popular sports are:

  1. Football - 3 to 4 billion fans worldwide. This number is constantly changing, but greatly surpasses other sports both in the number of fans and in the variety of championships.
  2. Cricket - more than 2 billion fans. Despite a limited audience of fans, aristocratic cricket managed to gain popularity among a large number of fans, enjoying popularity in England, India, Pakistan and New Zealand.
  3. Basketball - more than 1 billion fans. The popularity of basketball is growing every year, and not only thanks to the NBA. The championships of Spain, Italy, Germany, and France attract the attention of millions of sports enthusiasts.
  4. Tennis counts about a billion fans. An individual sport is considered quite expensive. Professional athletes receive high rewards for winning numerous tournaments.

Of all the sports presented, the last places are occupied by hockey, which is loved by many, too. Not many people watch it. The reason for this is less developed infrastructure, especially in the countries where there are no suitable conditions for matches. However, in Canada, the USA, Russia and several other countries, the popularity of ice sports is quite high.