Prepaway Praxis I Tests: Your Journey in Becoming a Licensed Teacher

Published on: 03 October 2019

A teacher’s professional skills usually leave a great impact on an individual’s life. If taught well enough, their teachings can inspire and motivate students to pursue their dreams and be successful in life. To do that, every educator must have quality skills and knowledge in teaching. Hence, as required by several US states colleges as well as universities, all teachers must take and pass the standard licensure teaching exam – the Praxis I tests.

Praxis I Tests Overview

Developed by distinguished teachers, administrators, and professional licensing organizations, the Praxis tests were designed by educators for educators. In particular, The Praxis I or the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) tests are created and supervised by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). It aims to measure the academic proficiency of an individual entering the teaching profession. Specifically, it assesses their specific content and pedagogical knowledge for a beginning teaching practice. The Praxis tests are comprehensive exams consisting of a limited number of questions, reflecting the essential tasks and skills needed to be possessed by beginning teachers.

This certification process is a requirement by states, universities as well as professional licensing organizations. Praxis tests are composed of the following tests: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core), Praxis Subject Assessments, and Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT).

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

The Praxi Core Academic Skills for Educators is a basic skill test comprised of three sections that test your academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Both reading and mathematics section are composed of 56 questions each. Questions in the reading section require analysis and integration of several passages. In the mathematics section, some questions are in multiple-choice format while some require answers in a numeric entry. An on-screen calculator is provided to aid this section of the test. For the writing section, the individual’s argumentative and explanatory writing is assessed in the essay part and the multiple-choice part tackles on the importance of the research strategy.

Praxis Subject Assessments

Individuals taking the Praxis Subject Assessment specify the subject and grade-level he/she plans to teach first. Because in this assessment, the topics involved are specific subjects to be taught by K-12 educators. The Praxis Subject Assessments test an individual’s knowledge of subject-specific content. Moreover, their skills in general and subject-specific teaching are also assessed. It is made up of questions requiring selected-response and constructed-response (essay) answers. The number and length of questions may vary accordingly.

Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT)

The main focus of this test is on a specialized subject-specific content knowledge designed for elementary school teaching. The Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessment is aligned to the Praxis Elementary Education. Potential elementary teachers are tested both for the subject itself as well as specialized content knowledge to cover the full range of content knowledge of an individual. The CKT Assessments is comprised of four sections namely, Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Test Registration

The requirements for the Praxis tests may vary from state to state and licensing organization to another. That is why reading the policies presented in The Praxis Information Bulletin are very important. In the Information Bulletin, the following details are presented: registration instructions, fees and payment policies, ID requirements, test center procedures, score reporting information, general policies, and contact information.

With that, you can review the state testing requirements and check the test fees and payment terms. Individuals with disabilities or health-related needs can avail special accommodations through the ETS Disability Services. Registering for a test can be done through online – either through mail or phone. These tests are delivered through a computer, except those for Braille Proficiency.

Before the actual test day, be sure to confirm your test location as it sometimes changes. You may print your admission ticket and present it to the test personnel when asked for it. In the admission ticket, details on the test center location and reporting time on the test day are shown. Prepare the necessary identification requirements and items to be brought during the exam day. Watches, mobile phones, and other gadgets are prohibited in the testing center and bringing of these prohibited materials can forfeit your test scores.

Test Preparation

Passing the Praxis tests renders you as a licensed teacher. So, it is essential to pass this exam and secure your future. To aid in your preparation for the test, there are several test prep materials available such as interactive practice tests, study companions, study guides, videos, webinars, and a lot more.  Low-cost affordable test prep resources can be accessed through the Praxis website.

Other test prep materials are also accessible through Praxis study guides and practice tests. There are also one-on-one tutoring, online prep, and in-person prep classes. Furthermore, additional study materials can be obtained from books. Just make sure to pick those that are valuable for your exam preparation.

Plan out an effective study plan to be able to cover the topics included in the exam. Familiarize the content of exams, read content outlines, answer sample questions and master your learning.

On the test day, arrive early and dress comfortably. Arriving earlier at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time is important to be able to adjust and familiarize yourself with the testing center. Be prepared and keep your focus during the exam. Don’t leave out unanswered items. Answer every question since your correct answers are the main determinant of your score and incorrect answers have no penalties or deductions to the total score.

With all your efforts, you’re good to go. You will surely ace the exam. However, if you want to retake the exam, you may opt to take the test once every 21 days.


Taking the Praxis tests is your stepping stone towards the teaching profession. Simply, it marks the beginning of your teaching career. To be able to teach well, you must have what it takes to be a qualified teacher. Hence, preparing for this test means to devote your time, effort, and commitment for you to pass the exam. As you become a licensed teacher, you can now teach, inspire, and leave a mark in the lives of your future students.