Real Madrid\'s 2-goal Alvaro Morata: We\'re on track for exciting end to season

Published on: 07 May 2017

Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata was delighted with victory at Granada.

Morata started and scored twice in the 4-0 rout.

He said: “We are in a good dynamic and it is hard to beat us. It was important to win today. We haven't won LaLiga in a long time and we don't want to slip up. We are going to fight for every point so that we can end up being champions. We have to focus and work hard.

“It's vital that whoever plays, plays well, LaLiga is a trophy that speaks for itself. I want to play at Real Madrid as much as the next player. If we keep on doing as we are then on Wednesday we will seal our place in the Champions League final.

"It will be a challenge as we're playing the toughest game of the year against our toughest rivals. We will have to give our all. Fingers crossed we can win both competitions."