Red Bull Leipzig Set Two New Bundesliga Records After Securing 4-1 Win on Friday

Published on: 25 November 2016

Whether fans like it or not, Red Bull Leipzig are pulling up trees in the Bundesliga right now.

The club, who have only operated under the Red Bull brand for the past seven years, has risen remarkably quickly through Germany's professional divisions to reach the top flight, thanks in part to the vast sums of money funnelled into their coffers.

Supporters of other German outfits loathe the way Leipzig have bought their way to the top, but they've certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons by taking a six-point lead over Bayern Munich at the top of Germany's top division after securing a 4-1 victory over Freiburg on Friday.

Such has been their impressive performance in the league since their promotion, Leipzig officially broke two records following their win at the Schwarzwald Stadium - one of which including already gaining enough points to survive relegation back to the Bundesliga.2:

RB Leipzig are the first newly promoted team in Bundesliga history to go unbeaten in their opening 12 games of the season.

RB Leipzig have 30 points from 12 matches. Safety from relegation came from 37 points last year and 35 the year prior

Leipzig won't be the first or last side to be accused of using large amounts of cash to beat the system and buy success, but such a plan always works whether fans like or not.

Considering the alternative would be Bayern winning the Bundesliga for a fifth year in a row - that is, if Borussia Dortmund cannot pip them again - would a league title going the way of Leipzig be such a bad thing?

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Huh, seems @redbull really does give you wings after all @bundesliga_de