REVEALED: Players From This Country Are Earning the Best Wages of All Foreigners in Premier League

Published on: 14 November 2016

Germans, on average, are the best paid foreign players in the Premier League, ahead of individuals from other nations prominently represented in English football's top flight, such as France, Spain, Argentina and Belgium.

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" target="_blank">Sporting Intelligence's2016 Global Sports Salaries- the same survey that revealed the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers pay the highest wages in world sport at an annual average of $8.65m (£6.5m) per player - has revealed that the Premier League's 12 German players are currently earning an average of £4.1m per year.

As many as 21 players from Belgium are pocketing an average of £3.9m, while the average annual 2016 salary between 29 French players, which includes Manchester United's world record signing Paul Pogba, also works out at £3.9m.

Brazilian players, of which there are only 12 currently in the Premier League, earn an average of £3.8m per year, while Argentine players earn an average of half a million less (£3.3m).

There are more Spanish players than any other foreign group in the Premier League, and they too are currently earning an average annual wage of £3.3m.

Players hailing from the Netherlands earn much less than the other well represented foreign nations in the Premier League, with annual salaries for Dutch imports averaging out at £2.2m.

In total, Premier League players will be paid over £1.3bn between them this season.

Even at the bottom end of the wages table, an average annual salary at Burnley is £954,417. Compare that to the bottom of the Scottish Premiership, where the average wage at Hamilton Academicals is not actually thatmuch more lucrative than a 'normal' job at £42,606.

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