“Salaries of players in the Ghana league is nothing to write home about”- Oduro Sarfo

Published on: 17 May 2017

Football administrator Oduro Sarfo has revealed that the amount players take as salaries are peanuts but insists bonuses make them it enticing.


According to the astute football manager some players take as low as two hundred cedis however with other bonuses they end up taking a thousand or more cedis a month.


Players from the Ghana Premier League seek greener pastures elsewhere citing reasons as poor salaries being a major factor.


Meanwhile, Oduro Sarfo who was speaking to Kwese Free Sports was distraught about the situation but indicated it was not that bad.


“The other countries they pay $1000, they pay $2000 and some pay $10000 so I will say it’s a national canker for Ghana. It’s unfortunate in Ghana with don’t have corporate sponsors for our clubs and we don’t have governmental support like the Nigerians and other countries practice so in this case salaries are nothing to write home about,” he stated.


However, Mr. Sarfo added if bonuses are inclusive the amounts involved becomes appreciable.


“We try to meet with the players and supplement their salaries with bonuses. Let’s look at it from this angle, if I’m paying a bonus of two hundred Ghana cedis per win and every month you have four matches that is eight hundred cedis, you take and add it to your salary of five hundred or three hundred cedis in addition then some will be thousand three hundred and others will be thousand one hundred so I think it’s nothing bad.”


By Lukman Evergreen Mumin