Sergio Ramos Insists He Was Not Copying Lionel Messi During Goal Celebration

Published on: 07 March 2017

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos has been accused of copying Lionel Messi's telephone celebration after his goal against Napoli, but the Spaniard has denied all allegations, saying his celebration was original.

The captain of Los Blancos, Ramos scored once and forced Dries Mertens into deflecting another effort of his into the goal, thus helping Real come back after having conceded the first goal.

Following the first goal he scored, the defender looked at the camera and celebrated by making the "call me" gesture, prompting fans to think he was imitating Lionel Messi, who used the same celebration against Celta Vigo.

The former Sevilla man's goals were very important against Napoli, as they helped Real take control of the tie, as Napoli's early goal meant that the score was 3-2 then on aggregate, making the Real Madrid fans nervous.

 Sergio Ramos with Phone Call Celebration against Napoli #SR4 #HalaMadrid

As per ESPN, when asked about the celebration on Antena 3, Ramos said, "I made the gesture before Leo did.I did it at the Camp Nou."

Ramos was right in that he actually did celebrate like that after scoring at the Camp Nou in Real Madrid's 1-1 draw with Barcelona.

The celebration by the Andalusian was initially thought to be an imitation of Messi, but then, after his explanation, everyone agreed that he had done the celebration before, as he pointed out, against Barcelona.

However, why Lionel Messi celebrated in that way wasn't sure, with many people thinking it was a jibe at current Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu with regards to the Argentine's contract negotiations.

But, Messi explained how the celebration was aimed at his nephew, who had tried to call him on the day of the match against Celta Vigo multiple times. Since he couldn't answer the phone, he decided to dedicate his celebration to his nephew.