SEVILLA FC boss Pablo MACHIN: "Criticisms? A professional has to know how to live with that"

Published on: 20 September 2018

Introducing Europa League away opener against Standard Liège, Sevilla FC manager, Pablo Machín, stated: "When you lose, it seems like everything is terrible, and when you win it's like there were no mistakes. As the coach, I have to analyse everything out, and the result shouldn't mask everything else. We have to be more analytical and of course, everyone is trying to win, which is the most important thing. But even if it may not be the popular opinion, I think we didn't play a bad game. We made unusual mistakes that allowed them to get ahead and we were, I would say, ordinary. We only had one shot on target if you discount the offsides and the VAR incident, but we had 15 shots. We were neither absolutely terrible against Getafe, nor were we brilliant in Vallecas. We have to be more objective, pragmatic and analytical.

Defensively, the team don't just consist of three defenders and a goalkeeper. We allowed them three clear opportunities from which they scored two goals. It's evidence that we need to improve and that's my job, but it was an unusual match in which we weren't clinical and they were and we have to work so that the results improve quickly. The data output surprises me, but I don't know if that is accurate or not. I don't think that we've conceded more opportunities than we've created, but we have to try to make sure that doesn't happen. We can consider playing with two strikers or four defenders as we did in the second half the other day, but our basic principle is to play with those three defenders and have a strong defensive block because we all have to defend, just like we all have to attack.

I already said what I think about the fans. They are exemplary and majestic; they are with the team from the first minute and however well or badly we play, they expect 100% from us. Apart from that, they are independent and they can share their opinion or their state of mind, which is what happened in the last game. I know that they are always going to be with the team; the recent period has been good and they demand the same from us. We have got here with humility and we have to show who we are and bring out performances from the players that we have in order to win, which is what we all want.

They were certainly negative, but I don't see everything that way. I don't' like being too conformist, because I have never been that way, and I am the first person to put pressure on myself. Sometimes you can think that everything is exaggerated, but football and even more Sevilla is like that: passionate. A professional has to live with that, and we would prefer not to hear all these rumours but it's inevitable. Although it would be nice to play where they forgive every small error, we are not a team that slouches and becomes idle. Another thing is that we were not clinical but we were also up against a team that made it difficult.

A professional has to live with the pressure; as I said, I don't like being too conformist. Anyway, making sudden changes is not good and indicates a bit of desperation. I have a team has shown me that they believe in the formation and want to play together. It's not easy and we have to adjust a few things, but if we make changes it will because of the many matches we have and because everyone needs to stay fit. The changes won't be a reflection on anyone, because they have all gained my trust and they have to return that trust every match. The VAR? What I can say here won't do any good. We have had four rounds of La Liga games and we have been on the wrong end of the most controversial decisions. We're still in the testing phase and we've had the bad luck of being the guinea pigs. We have to try to make it so that we're not affected by these errors. It is difficult to referee, but we didn't know it was this difficult to check the VAR.

I'm very excited, but so are the Sevillistas. It's a special competition and the fact that Sevilla are so big is partly down to this competition. We got through three knockout qualifying rounds and they (Standard Liège) are here after losing in the Champions League qualifiers. It will be difficult because they were second in their league and that shows they're a good team. They are a club with a great history in Europe and they use the ball well; they are physical but they don't just play direct football, and they try to play out from the back. They have clear ideas and a great coach. We hope to show that we're better than them, at least tomorrow".