SHOCKING: Audio recording indicates Dr. Kofi Amoah planned Palmer’s disqualification before vetting day

Published on: 09 October 2019

An audio recording has shockingly revealed that the Chairman of the Normalization Committee, Dr. Kofi Amoah planned to have Wilfred Osei Kwaku Palmer disqualified from contesting in the upcoming Ghana Football Association (GFA) presidential elections before the vetting.

According to reports, the said audio was recorded about three months ago during a secret meeting between an unnamed person and the NC boss.

Though the vetting process according to FIFA laws is supposed to be fair and neutral, Dr. Kofi Amoah planned to disqualify Wilfred Osei Palmer a couple of months before he faced the five-man panel.

The content of the audio says, "Now this guy Palmer!! You signed an agreement in your signature on your club’s letterhead that you are about to transfer! Sell some guy and whatever you gain you pay percentage to the FA. Which is in the regulations on that matter".

"Wo woaton akwadaa wei 3 Million Fa 10% braaa so where is the integrity of entering into agreement an agreement which which the congress Ghana Football has so why are you not paying ?

"And you want to come and become president. I called him personally it was that time we wanted money ... Am going to take action."

Staying true his words, the NC Chairman subsequently had the Tema Youth bankroller disqualified from contesting the upcoming GFA presidential elections.

Listen to the leaked audio below.