Sports Betting Myths That Will Ruin Your Experience!

Published on: 20 October 2020
Sports Betting Myths That Will Ruin Your Experience!
Sports betting

Sports betting is a fun activity. Especially if you are a fan, there is no better feeling than to feel the thrill of risking something in the same way that your favorite team is playing hard for their fans.

In addition to that, you have the chance to win money on the side--and maybe even huge amounts of money! However, as with all things, some things can ruin your experience, if you are not careful enough.

As a bettor, you should always make sure that you are with the right bookie--right for your preferences and right for your needs. With the myriad of choices available right now, it can easily get confusing for you. Thankfully, there are review sites that offer insightful reviews of top bookies, such as this one where Librabet was reviewed by Silentbet.

As for keeping your sports betting experience awesome, here are some of the worst sports betting myths that you should stop believing in unless you want betting ruined by it.

The “due”

The “due” is also called by others as the “gambler’s fallacy”. This states that after a period that you have lost bets, you are bound to win at one point that you are eventually “due” to recover from your losses.

The logic behind this belief is that if you flip a coin and get consecutive heads, you are due to get tails at one point. However, there is no reliable science behind this belief. IT is just that--putting your trust all on luck and chance.

The bookies are keeping a secret from you

This particular myth is trying to make you believe that your bookie has access to some sort of inside information that they use to influence how they adjust the odds and the betting lines to their advantage.

Sometimes, this myth even suggests that they get inside information from those close to the sports concerned. However, none of these is true.

While the bookies do adjust odds and lines from time to time to keep it at their advantage, what they sue in doing it is a combination of prediction and mathematics and not any kind of inside information. The truth is that most bookies as simply spectators to the game in the same way that you are, too. The only difference is that unlike you, the better, they are in the business of facilitating bets as a bookie.

Sports are rigged

If the phrase “tale as old as time” can be applied to sports betting, it would be a perfect fit for this myth. One of the oldest myths in sports is that the games are rigged, that the players and the people controlling the games behind the scenes have already decided who the winner would be and sometimes, even how things are about to play out.

However, this is not true. Not only this was never proven, it had been repeatedly debunked by a lot of people, too. So, stop believing this myth as it is one of the most dangerous things to absorb and can do more harm to your betting rather than help you out.

Online gambling is illegal

For this one, you can call it outright false nor call it a fact either. What is true here is that gambling laws are not the same in all parts of the world.

In a general sense, gambling is not illegal. Most countries consider brick-and-mortar gambling establishments to be legal as well as online gambling. On the other hand, some places only allow online gambling with some conditions and restrictions.

IN situations like this, it is always a good idea to tea look at what the laws and the regulations of your country or state are telling you about online gambling--so you would know where to stand on it.