Sports Betting Propels the Ghanaian Online Gambling Industry Forward

Published on: 11 June 2019

Ghana has a strong football team, one of the best in Africa and its top footballers play for some of the strongest squads in the world. Not surprisingly, local people love the sport and they watch the most important competitions live. Sports betting goes hand-in-hand with this passion and online bookmakers are happy to provide Ghanaians with access to their games. The very best are licensed and regulated, so they treat players fairly and give them a fighting chance with a low house edge, as stated here.

Compared to the most popular types of gambling in Ghana, which are currently lottery and casino games, sports betting is still trailing. Having said this, the main reason for why the gambling industry is currently booming in this country is that more people than ever bet on sports. Football is obviously the one that reigns supreme, but there are plenty of other leagues and matches that appeal to punters. In recent years, gambling operators that were offering exclusively casino and lottery games have added betting options.


The Road to Legal Sports Betting Lies Ahead

The growing enthusiasm for sports betting is self evident and not surprisingly, the authorities have caught wind of it. As a result, the Gaming Commission was created and it is the authority in charge of regulating the sports betting nationwide. The laws are still changing as they are constantly improved, to mirror the ones working properly in European countries, while paying attention to the specifics of Ghana. As these changes roll in and legal sports betting is within reach, more bookmakers are expected to open shop.

Looking back at the names that were added on the list of bookmakers catering to Ghanaian players, the signs are promising to say the least. These companies are licensed in several countries and have a flawless track record, which means a great deal for prospective punters. In addition to providing access to sports betting, they create new jobs and opportunities for the country’s citizens. As the unemployment level is still pretty high, these added benefits are impossible to dismiss by the authorities.

Sports betting has also led to an increased interest in Ghanaian football leagues, as many bookmakers have added these divisions to their betting offer. The advantage of betting at licensed bookmakers is that when problem gambling rears its ugly head, players are not alone. They are provided with immediate assistance and also directed to support groups, so they can tackle the risks of gambling addiction.