The Top Tips for Football Betting in Ghana

Published on: 19 March 2019
The Top Tips for Football Betting in Ghana
Ghanaian football fans like to gamble on matches

Betting is very popular in Ghana. Gambling is one of the oldest activities, which has always been popular in most of the African countries.

Casinos and slot machines games are very popular in Africa. But these days there’s a new form of gambling that has captivated the interests and likes of the people-

Its sports betting, and there are different platforms like Betway for you to try your luck in.

What makes sports betting through Betway exciting is that the company knows the pulse of the audience; a reason it has become very popular in Ghana.

What does the Future Look Like?

Football betting in Ghana and the rest of Africa is changing. Much has got to do with online betting sites and apps. People don’t just turn on the television to watch their favourite matches live; they also bet on events using their sporting knowledge and win big on Betway.

In fact, the rocketing of sports betting in Ghana has led the Government to create a governing body called the Gaming Commission which is sort of both interesting and intriguing. With the law in effect, the people of Ghana can freely enjoy the thrills and excitement of Football Betting.

Ghanaians are very fond of European Football Games, NFL, NBA and even street football.

There are many big betting companies that are in business in Ghana. The most interesting thing is that together with placing live bets through mobile apps, you can always stay connected.

There are betting companies like Premier Betting and Safaribet which offer betting services on the mobile through their mobile apps. You get to know the scores live and it’s also convenient to stay connected on the go.

Sports betting is a craze in Ghana. The new bookies and punters have found an interesting and avid betting market. There is tremendous betting potential here.

The rising interest is creating more interest in European teams and is seen ignoring local talent. There’s a rising trend emerging, where online football and sports betting companies are promoting local football leagues on their websites. For example, a recent and very popular one is promoting Ghanaians instead of big European Teams.

With people owning smartphones and touch screen mobiles, they can download various online betting apps and software for the never-ending fun.

Placing a bet right there on your mobile is easy. It gives all the live updates. Sports betting is very exciting. You can bet on your favourite sports star and player or team.

Football betting is also famous in Ghana, as football is one of the most liked games in the country. Despite, all the hullaballoo behind the rising popularity of football betting, it has some major disadvantages.

Local teams and small fry are not getting much attention. It’s important that Ghana gets its own share of backing as it’s a poor African country.

But all said and done, football betting has seen unprecedented rise, with no stopping in the near future.