Tottenham Get Slaughtered on Twitter After Club Announce How Many Hot Dogs Were Sold Before CL Match

Published on: 02 November 2016

Spurs fans would have left Wembley feeling pretty hollow and empty after their Champions League defeat to Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday evening.

Not only had their side put in a woeful performance but it appears the club's PR team are as inept as Vincent Jansen is proving to bein front of goal.

Hours before the vital match, the club gave the all important figures and stats that Spurs fans were surely desperate to know about:

A closer look at @wembleystadium: Here's what was consumed at our last @ChampionsLeague game... #SpursAtWembley #COYS

That's right.The club tweeted a breakdown of the number of food and drink that wassold in their previous Champions League match at Wembley.

And its safe to say it didn't go down too well with many fans...

@SpursOfficial @wembleystadium @ChampionsLeague Was the Eleven bottles on the pitch counted as part of that number?

@SpursOfficial @wembleystadium @ChampionsLeague delete this

Spurs' social media guy right now:

Of course, other football fanssaw the funny side.

@AFCMemz spurs, that night we sold 26,000 hotdogs

Spurs biggest achievement this season.Sold 8,400 HotDogs, 5000 Burgers, 4,300 Pies, 7,500 snacks, 21,000 soft drinks & 14,500 Bottled water😂

Spurs official twitter is just so good 😃 doesn't matter that they lost but sold 8400 hotdogs 😂😂😂😂😂

@SpursOfficial @wembleystadium @ChampionsLeague where are the lasagne figures?

Fortunately, the club kept the good news coming, this time with some slightly more relevant figures:

Tonight's attendance is a record-breaking 85,512. Thank you for your incredible support. � #COYS #SpursAtWembley

So there you have it, who needs to win Champions League matches when you can break all sorts of different records?

With the roll that Tottenham's official Twitter account were on yesterday, it's hard to know whetherPochettino's quotes below were aimed atthe quality of thehot dogs, rather than his team:

Mauricio: "The only way to change it is to work hard, analyse it and try to fix it.�

More from the manager -

To be fair, if history is anything to go by,when the club tweets specific stats ahead of matches, it doesn't seem to end too well:

How to tempt fate feat. Tottenham Hotspur.

Whichever way Spurs fans look at it, things are pretty bleak right now. Despite the impressive food figures, Wembley continues to prove a graveyard for Tottenham in the Champions League.

Tottenham at new Wembley since 2008 League Cup final win vs. Chelsea:


Wembley curse.

Wins at Wembley since 2012:

Tottenham: 0
Carl Froch: 1

Tottenham will have a chance to put things right when they take on bitter North London rivals Arsenal in the derby on Sunday, at the Emirates. It'll be a tough ask to get a positive result, but regardless of what's been going on with a team prior to a derby, they always tend to be hotly contested affairs.

Anyone can win this one, or of course, a draw is always a strong possibility; if that's the case, both sets of supporters will just have to roll with it.