VIDEO: Hugo Lloris Pulls Off One of the Saves of His Life Against Bayer Leverkusen

Published on: 17 October 2016

Cor, Hugo Lloris ain't bad, is he?

He's proven time and again over the years that he's one of the world's best goalkeepers, but in Germany tonight he's staked his claim for being THE best.

Former Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez looked certain to put current side Bayer Leverkusen ahead against Tottenham in the Champions League, but after he fired the ball towards goal from point blank range, he was met by the big, agile, French wall.

Quel arrêt miraculeux de Hugo Lloris face à Chicharito. La goal-line confirme que le ballon n'est pas rentré @ChampionsLeague

Lloris used his reactions brilliantly to lead on the goal bound ball and just about keep the ball out, with a big old help from Hawk-Eye's excellent goal-line technology.

Just look how close that is!

Remember, though, it's all of the ball over all of the line...

What a save by Hugo Lloris.