Warm up Exercises to Boost Your Football Performance

Published on: 17 April 2019
Warm up Exercises to Boost Your Football Performance
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Muscle activation, also known as muscle recruitment, is the process of "jump starting" or warming up your muscle fibers before beginning your exercise routine.

The main objective of muscle activation is to enhance communication between the nervous system and the muscle system to prepare your body for physical activity.

Furthermore, many gym instructors have linked muscle activation exercises to improving coordination, increasing stability and reducing the risk of injury. In football, performing simple muscle activation exercises, such as squats, will "stimulate" your muscles, thus improving your field performance.Fitness professionals recommend various muscle activation exercises to prevent problems such as muscle stiffness and unexpected injuries.

Benefits of Muscle Activation

According to popular health and fitness magazines, some of the significant advantages of muscle activation are; increased strength, reduced pain, improved flexibility and lowered risk of injury.

Increased Strength

Muscle activation is aimed at stimulating your muscles. Moreover, when muscles are well stimulated, more strength and efficiency is achieved.  It is reported that when 50 % of your muscles are functioning properly, then incorporating muscle activation before training could double your power.

Reduced Pain

According to a recent survey, muscle pain is mainly caused by muscle spasms or bad movement patterns, which are due to poor coordination between the muscles and the brain. However, muscle activation assists in improving communication between the brain and the muscles, thus reducing pain.

Lowered Risk of Injury

Muscle activation boosts blood circulation, which improves muscle functioning. For footballers to reduce the risk of injury, they need to begin with warm-ups, which increases muscle efficiency.

Improved Flexibility

Like in any other sport, football players need to be flexible. Muscle activation involves stretching, which increases the range of motion and flexibility. Being flexible reduces the chances of torn muscles tissues while in the field.

Muscle Activation Exercises

Your body is made up of groups of muscles, for example, the calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. This means that different muscle activation exercises should be done for different tissues. Besides that, performance enhancement substances such as those available at https://musclesfax.com, which can help you train evenbetter and more effectively.

Some of the most common warm-up exercises are; squats, lunges, glute bridge pushups, sit-ups, and box jumps.


Pushups aim at activating the following musclesmusclesfax.com: pectorals, biceps, triceps, and abdominals.

How to do them;

  •         Position yourself on the floor with your face down, toes firmly on the floor and your palms shoulder-width apart.
  •         Lower your body downwards until the chest slightly touches the ground.
  •         Hold for a few seconds, then push yourself upwards back to the original position.


This activation exercise targets your abs, core, and chest muscles.

How to do them;

  •         Lie flat on the ground with your face up,then slightly bend your knees and set your feet firmly on the ground.
  •         Cross your hands behind the head, exhale then gently rise your torso towards your thighs.
  •         Inhale then gently return to the starting position.


Targets the quadruples, glutes and core.

How to do;

  •         Stand upright with your chest held upwards and outwards, then place your feet shoulder width apart.
  •         With your hands in front, inhale and push your hips out and squat down like you are sitting on an imaginary chair.Ensure your body is tight.
  •         Return to starting position.