We will be judged on results - CAF President Motsepe

Published on: 28 November 2021

CAF President Dr. Patrice Motsepe said he believes while it is good to bring theory and ideas in resolving Africa’s challenges, the current leadership of CAF will be judged only on results.  

Speaking to the Member Associations at the CAF Extraordinary General Assembly, the CAF President once again called for a united voice from the continent as the journey towards building a stronger CAF continues.

“This leadership of CAF will not be judged on ideas or nice talk. My leadership and our leadership will be judged on the progress we make. It will be judged on tangible results and benefits to African football,” he said.

He added: “Of course we have to be impatient, because we cannot keep on making excuses over what past leaders did or didn’t do…..We have been elected to solve problems of this continent and that is what we must do. I am impatient, but I also have to keep in mind that the results won’t happen overnight.”

The CAF President spoke about a need to build and strengthen partnerships that will ensure that in the mid-to-long term, Africa is self-sustainable.

“Africa will do what is in the interest of Africa, this is clear. As Africa, we will look at what our interests are, and we will work with whoever shares these interests. This is not against anybody but a firm belief for us, as Africans, to develop our continent. We are open to working with everyone, as long s our interest are aligned.”

Source: cafonline.com