​Wenger future a mystery to Arsenal defender Mertesacker

Published on: 24 May 2017

There remains uncertainty surrounding Arsene Wenger's future and whether Saturday's fixture at Wembley could be his last match as Arsenal boss after 21 years at the club.

Asked if he felt this could be Wenger's last game, experienced defender Per Mertesacker said: "I have absolutely no idea. I cannot tell.

"First of all we are lucky to have him here. That was always my mindset when I came here. I was so happy to have him. He trusted me a lot.

"I can just tell you I'm looking forward for the future of this club because even if we struggle a bit, or play in the Europa League next year, it gives us a little bit of time and a breather to think about what has gone wrong last season and we do not deserve to be in the Champions League.

"Short-term, we are just thrilled to be in that final with our manager."

Source: tribalfootball.com