West Brom veteran Gareth Barry has no plans for retirement

Published on: 19 September 2017

West Brom veteran Gareth Barry says he has no plans for retirement.

Barry has equalled the games record of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

“Today's game there's nowhere to hide - all the stats, all the training, everything's recorded," Barry said.

“It can help the older players; back in the day you got to a certain age, you were too old no matter what you were doing.

“Now, if a 36-year-old is running more than a 21-year-old it's there in the proof.

“I've spoke to a lot of friends who have retired and not one person has said 'what are you doing, still playing?'

“Everybody is still saying play as long as possible and that's what I'll try and do.

“I'll know when I've had enough and I can't keep up with the boys."

Source: tribalfootball.com