What to keep in mind when choosing a new bookmaker

Published on: 13 June 2020

In order to enter the betting world or continue interacting with it, you're going to need a bookmaker. A bet, no matter how thought out or the value, does not mean anything if a bookmaker does not accept it.

It's not just a matter of choosing one without thinking about it. Having a competent bookmaker really does contribute to your overall experience in the betting world. Most important, you have to choose a bookmaker you trust as you'll be handing your hard-earned money over to them. You'll also be giving them your personal information. Less importantly but still vital to your experience, they need to make sure that you're enjoying betting.

They have a license

First thing's first, before even considering a bookmaker you must make sure that they have a license. In other words, they'll need to have some sort of legal document that allows them to exist and function within the law. Having a license is not the same as being a good bookmaker, but it does mean that you're betting legally. It also means there will be a system set up to voice your concerns if there are any mishaps. Even if it is not clear whether a certain bookmaker is required to have a license, it is always advised that you look for one that does to have a safe experience.

Some bookies must be able to prove that they are financially stable before they accept your bet. This tries to guarantee that if the company goes into liquidation, they do everything they can to secure your finances.

No matter where a bookmaker is located in the world it must be registered with the UK Gambling Commission if they operate at all in the UK.


They have a good set up

Sometimes when you bet with a certain bookie, they will limit your account to a certain amount and even make withdrawals difficult if you are being particularly successful. That is why it's important to look beyond appealing quick offers that are designed to trick you. Look for a bookmaker that does not set an account limit and take low margins.


New Bookmakers V Established Companies

Companies and brands that have been operating in the betting world for a long time generally are very trusted and have a lot of favorable reviews. Bear in mind it can be difficult to develop a good reputation in the betting spectrum (particularly with sports) because of how vague things can become.

It is a good idea not to confuse a lack of a reputation with a bad bookmaker. Smaller companies are far less likely to try and refuse withdrawal and restrict you.

Another reason why a new bookmaker may be preferable as they will have to act favourably in order to achieve good customer reviews. Retaining customers is vital, so they will have to make the service enjoyable and interactive in order to do so. They'll also have things like a social media presence, an efficient and easy to use website and good customer service if they want good reviews. Make sure to stay up-to-date on new bookmakers in order to get the best experience.

It's best, when considering both options, to research both old and new bookmakers in order to see what is best for your specific needs.


Try to do some online research

Like anything you purchase, particularly online, if it is an important investment, which a bookmaker definitely is, then you should do your research. Not only should you ensure they're operating legally, as suggested above, but you should consult others. Look for any reviews about or on the website. Go to forums to see if there is any information about the bookmaker you can access. It is definitely worth the time and effort.

Doing this will also ensure that you weed out the lower quality bookmakers that have garnered a negative reputation from not living up to their customer's expectations. It's important not to take lone reviews too seriously and look for a trend when doing your research. Good and bad and in between bookmakers will all have excellent and terrible reviews as people are different.

Customer Service

It is sometimes not immediately thought of, but when it comes to bookmaking, or indeed any company, good customer service is essential. It's best to check that a bookmaker has good reviews when it comes to customer service so if something goes wrong they will be there to help you. Operating costumer service 24 hours a day every week will ensure that no matter what time of the day you are betting, there is always someone there to assist you. As well as considering good customer service, you should also take the following services into account before choosing a bookmaker:

Remember to be safe, do your research and check that they are operating legally.