Who will win the Swedish Football League Allsvenskan 2023: Preview

Published on: 12 May 2023
Who will win the Swedish Football League Allsvenskan 2023: Preview
Who will win the Swedish Football League Allsvenskan 2023: Preview

The Swedish Elite Football Championship started in early April 2023 and will end in the first half of November. During this period, 16 teams will play 30 rounds. The club with the most points will win the championship. The teams that finish on the 15th and 16th lines will go down in class, and the 14th team will play in the playoffs for the right to stay in Allsvenskan.

Bookmakers believe that the main four teams claiming Allsvenskan gold medals look like this: Malmö, Hecken, Elfsborg and Norrköpping. Having studied each of these teams, it will be possible to draw more accurate conclusions about who will become Swedish football champions.


The guys of Henrik Rydström made an exemplary start in the domestic championship, scoring seven victories in a row. This allowed Malmö to sit at the top of the standings and be ahead of the second Elfsborg by five points. Kalmar, Brommapoykarn, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Hammarby, Varberg and AIK managed to overcome the brainchild of Anders Polsson. After scoring 20 goals against the opponents, the Sky Blues conceded only four goals in response. As a result, by the seventh round, Anders Christiansen and partners had the best attack and defense in the championship.

As for Allsvenskan, Malmö has a very strong squad. In addition, in just over a month of playing in the tournament, the Sky Blues have demonstrated that they are able to get the 23rd league title in the history of the club. There are many difficult battles ahead of the inhabitants of the Eleda stadium, but the chances of the "gold" for the "blue" are quite good.


Per-Mathias Hegmo's wards started the Allsvenskan season relatively well and after seven rounds they were in third place. One point behind second Elfsborg, Hacken was just as far ahead of fourth Norrköping. Having won five victories, the "yellow-blacks" suffered two defeats. The Wasps lost to Kalmar at home, and to Halmstad on the road. At the same time, the brainchild of Anders Billström defeated Elfsborg, Hammarby, Sirius, Vernam, and Djurgården. It should also be noted that in all cases, Samuel Gustafsson and partners won at least two goals.

Wasps look pretty good in terms of gameplay, but periodically stumble in battles with not very formidable opponents. The “yellow-blacks” are able to compete for the top three, but it will be difficult for the team to aim for the first place.


Jimmy Thelin's team had an uncertain start in the championship. After a home "dry" defeat from Hacken, Elfsborg painted a goalless draw with Varberg on the road. However, then the "elegant" defeated Brommapoykarna, Degerfors, Mjelby, Halmstad and Sirius in turn with a total score of 18:5. This allowed the "yellows" to sit on the second line in the tournament by the seventh round. Five points behind the first Malmö, the brainchild of Sune Lundqvist was one point ahead of the "os" from Gothenburg.

There are no special stars in the "elegant" line-up, but the team is able to show character. At the same time, it can be difficult for Elfsborg to break into the fight for gold medals at the distance. Naturally, the “yellows” still have chances for the championship, but it will be difficult to get ahead of the stronger Malmö and Hacken, to whom the inhabitants of the “Buros-Arena” have already yielded at home.

Who will win the Swedish Football League Allsvenskan 2023: Preview
Who will win the Swedish Football League Allsvenskan 2023: Preview


The boys of Glen Riddersholm were fourth in the standings after seven rounds of the championship. One point behind third Häcken, Norrköping was three points ahead of fifth Kalmar. Having won four victories and drawn twice, the White-Blues suffered only one defeat from the Sky-Blues at Eled. With a not particularly formidable attack, the “comrades” have one of the strongest defenses in the tournament. Only Malmo and Mjelby missed the brainchild of Sakarias Mordha, and the same number of Gothenburg. Beijing has rarely lost lately, but at a distance the team is likely to concede much more often.

Last season, the White-Blues took 12th place. In the current Allsvenskan draw, the “comrades” will try to wedge themselves into the fight for the top three, but they are unlikely to be able to compete for gold medals.

Our prediction

Norrkoping and Elfsborg are unlikely to be able to wedge themselves into the fight for the championship and, quite possibly, will fight for bronze medals. Hacken is able to improve and, having a good line-up, theoretically make up the gap from the “IFC” in the remaining time, but it will be enormously difficult to do this. Malmo has the most competitive selection of players and the team is one of the main giants of Swedish football. So it is the sky blues that are most likely to get the gold. If you want to bet on football in Sweden and earn money, then we advise you to download mostbet.