I will one day comeback to Hearts of Oak - Yaw Preko

Published on: 31 October 2016

Departed coach of Accra Hearts of Oak, Yaw Preko has promised to return to the club when the time is right.

Yaw Preko resigned from his position as the interim coach due so many accumulated reasons, and has declared that he will try his coaching acumen in a different environment but will one day return to the club’s fold to continue his adventure.

The 42-year old former Fenerbahce attacker was earmarked as the coach to take the club to a different height in the about to start season, but decided against staying put in the club because he believed the structures of the club worked against him.

“They said I’m not strong enough to handle Accra Hearts of Oak. I will go and work very hard, and upgrade myself and if God permit, in future I can come back because Hearts of Oak is my team and when the need for me to come back and the club to the next level, why not, I will come and work for the club whole heartedly again.”

“I love them all with the support they gave me and believe that we’re all supporters of Hearts of Oak no matter what the situation, regardless of you being inside or out, the club is our own and we make things right because we can do better we’re doing as a club. Even clubs that are not traditional are doing better than us,” Yaw Preko deduced.

The Ghana Premier league takes off on 18th December.

By; Reuben Obodai.