Willie Klutse not ready to resume work for Inter Allies

Published on: 24 October 2016

Technical Director of Inter Allies, Willie Klutse has revealed that though he is out of danger after suffering a severe heart attack, he is not ready to resume his role in the club.

The outspoken former defender of Great Olympics was reported to have been diagnosed with a heart failure that led to him being absence in the dugout for the latter part of last season.

However, after months of receiving treatment, Willie Klutse has disclosed even though he has been cleared by doctor, he is not yet ready to take up the directorship role of the club anytime soon.

“By His grace, I’m fit now but I think it will serve me well if I can take the doctor’s advice by staying at home for now because of the magnitude of the sickness,” he told Happy FM.

“My sickness has nothing to do with my role in Inter Allies, but with everything that makes hypertension inflate. Even when I’m at home watching movie and I see something that startles, my heart rate beats faster. I’m trying my best to adjust myself with the advice of my doctor, therefore if I’m absent from Inter Allies it’s because of that.”