Yeboah's offensive power: Sturm had what Rapid lacks

Published on: 28 September 2021

Sturm and his strikers. A symbiosis with a long tradition. Gernot Jurtin, Bozo Bakota and Harry Kramer shot their way successfully through the 1980s, in the most successful times Mario Haas and Ivica Vastic taught their opponents fear. Now Kelvin Yeboah is preparing to conquer the club's history.

In the 3-0 win against Rapid, the 21-year-old attacker with an Italian and Ghanaian passport scored his seventh goal of the season, tied with Salzburg's German team player Karim Adeyemi at the top.

Most recently, Anthony Yeboah's nephew made his debut for Italy's U-21 selection. “He came to us at a favorable moment and now has a perfect environment,” Christian Ilzer recalls of the purchase of 550,000 euros in winter, which Rapid could not afford to finance. Coach Didi Kuhbauer had strongly advocated signing the sprinter from the WSG.

“Kelvin has already gradually improved in Tyrol. But he also needed us to maintain our intensity, ”says the Sturm coach, who doesn't just want to hang the 3-0 win on Yeboah.

“My team has many opportunities to score goals. It was an absolutely top game that was evenly balanced for a long time ”.