5 Best Football Betting Strategies

Published on: 19 September 2019

When it comes to online betting, then football makes the top of the list for being the most popular sport to bet on. It attracts both casual bettors and punters around the world and money is both won and lost at exceedingly fast rates. If you want to be one of the bettors who falls in the “winning” category, then you might want to put some time into studying the following 5 football betting strategies.


  1. Football Accumulator Offers

In a nutshell, accumulator bets work by selecting more than one match to place a wager on. In fact, you can wager on all of the matches if you wish. Because the odds on each selection are multiplied, you could walk away with a very juicy overall prize. If you’re interested in offers check out these bookmakers free bets, just in time for the weekend games.

For the strategy to work, however, you need to realise that you need to select games that are not played simultaneously - there should be a 2.5 hours gap between each match at the very least. The idea with accumulator betting is that if only one selection of the accumulator loses, you’ll get refunded on your stake.


  1. Football Matched Betting

Deemed as one of the easiest ways to make a profit, matched betting requires one to find a free bet to place a wager on. Luckily, with so many bookmakers available, there are enough free bets to go around.

Essentially, a matched bet entails that you back a certain outcome at the bookie and lay your stake at a betting exchange.

  1. Football Price Boosts

The price boost on football matches will give you enhanced odds for a limited time on a certain market. It’s popular because you will have an advantage over other bets. The only catch is that price boost betting can be quite complex and you will have to do a lot of studying and “trial and error” bets before you have truly mastered the art.

  1. Football Refund Offers

As the name suggests, football refunding opens up scenarios where you can get your wager back instead of losing it. For this type of betting strategy to work, you need to find solid odds at the bookmaker’s and then place your wager at the betting exchange first. Next, determine the lay price for the outcome that qualifies for a refund. If the lay price is low enough, then there is value for the taking.

  1. Betfair Trading Football Systems

Utilising the services of a betting exchange is an important component of a successful bet. It allows you to be flexible by backing or laying out different outcomes, by trading live, and so much more. The best betting exchanges offer the highest number of markets, tons of liquidity, and countless opportunities to generate an income.

By applying these strategies and practicing responsible gambling, then walking away with a winning bet in your pocket each time that you make a wager is certainly a possibility.