Coach Opeele writes: Kurt Okraku; the keeper of faith

Published on: 16 April 2020

Kurt E.S Okraku is embodied with professional approach in every football entity he is found himself in and he has taken that ethos to his recent role as the Ghana Football Association (GFA) President.

He (Okraku) knows it is important to lead the GFA into a successful future, therefore, a well-planned structure, solidified in transparency and efficiency will redeem an association badly damaged in the public perception.

Labelling himself a Game Changer means a change in picturesque.

The GFA president task to depict a beautiful picture to the masses in four years is on.

Until recently, our plummeted football was humming along till the Covid – 19 global pandemic truncated it.

Kurt Okraku, is an epitome of hardwork. Immediately, he was ushered into office, everyone knew it was going to be a crazy hardwork and huge demand on all.

Football offices usually have a relaxed atmosphere and Okraku is aware that, without changes it is going to be difficult in getting things over the line.

Moreover, having envisioned his vision to all at his manifesto launch, he wouldn’t entertain staff and committees who will become ‘talking shops’ and not achieve alot for his administration.

If we are to ask Okraku about how he feels over difficulties in changing things to his style and preference, he may point out to that human culture, which makes people see change in their ambience as antagonism.

In whatever way, Okraku brings amiability, persistent principles and strength of character in his leadership. He concentrates on his own patch and wouldn’t budge to flimflams that will make him renege on his promise to the nation.

Actually, Okraku is not a radical who is in to overhaul the organisation’s philosophy, he is come to offer spicy philosophy and in a more controlled approach to the GFA working ethics with sumptuous innovations.

Innovation in football, challenges orthodoxy. Kurt Okraku, a self made man, wants to change our football to serve the people, instead of a normal system pandering to serve it’s liberal interest.

However, it won’t be a one man show. Developing and rebuilding grassroots football to the top level is total teamwork.

The misuse of power is not the repertoire of Okraku. If you ponder what kind of situation the GFA President finds himself in now; he is one facing his own history and legacy.

He is interested in legacy and he is incredibly keen and bent on achieving that legacy. As a student of the game and a prototypical football man, the desire for a legacy is inevitable.

Ghana football is almost in a dimly lit room and on a slipway, but this is Kurt Okraku’s moment with destiny to resuscitate the spirit of our game and to keep football fans faith afloat.

Indeed, The GFA President, Kurt E.S Okraku is the nation’s football fans ‘keeper of faith’.

Source: Isaac Opeele Boateng