Court litigations affecting sponsorship of the Ghana Premier League- Dreams FC communications member Jerome Otchere

Published on: 06 February 2018

Communications member of Dreams FC, Jerome Otchere says the consistent court litigations against the Ghana Premier League is affecting sponsorship.

The Ghana Premier League has been without a headline sponsor in the last three seasons, hence affecting the smooth running of the topflight.

For the past four seasons, the Premier League has had to be postponed to deal with legal issues before it starts.

Last season, Tema Youth dragged the case between them and Dreams FC to the Court of Arbitration for Sport before the league start of the season, which prolonged the start of the season.

“If I am a sponsor, I have my own plan of activity for the year and if I know I’m sponsoring the Ghana Premier League and it’s starting in February and one morning I wake up and I’m told that it can start because of a court injunction, it’s definitely going to affect my interest,” he told the media.

“For me it has contributed to the lack of sponsorship to our competition because if I am a sponsor and for four years I hear that the league starts late or because of a court injunction it’s put on hold. Next time I will withdrawal because I wouldn’t want to put my money in such a venture.”