Evans Nyarko celebrates his 30 meters goal spectacularly

Published on: 30 September 2019

Ghanaian central defender Evans Nyarko,  scored with a long-range shot to help Eintracht Norderstedt 03 to defeat Werder Bremen II 3-1 and celebrated his goal spectacularly.

The regular six, who made a strong play in the central defense, intervened in the attack and suddenly stood 30 meters in front of the box.

"He probably did not know what to do with the ball," said Martens. Therefore, Nyarko adhered to the old football wisdom of former Karlsruhe coach Winnie Schaefer: "If you do not know where to go with the ball, just shoot him in the gate!"

Nyarko withdrew and the ball hissed flat and unsustainable into the case to 3-1  The 27-year-old former third-division professional celebrated with his characteristic patchwork.

Werder II did not have much to offer. The hosts tried long balls. Much more than an outpost shot by Bennet van den Berg in injury time did not jump out.