Ex-West Ham and Fulham defender John Paintsil reveals plans to transform Legon Cities into a continental giant

Published on: 11 August 2020

Former West Ham United and Fulham defender John Paintsil has disclosed plans to transform Ghana Premier League side Legon Cities into a continental giant.

The grand plan includes establishing a stadium and budling a special training facility to develop their players to excel in both domestic and international competitions.

Legon Cities' management is also putting measures in place to establish a clubhouse to ease the accommodation challenges of players.

"We have a mission to be one of the top three teams after each league in Ghana and also become one of the top five teams in Africa. This is part of our five-year development plan," Paintsil, who is also a management member of the club told Graphic Sports Online.

"There is a projected action plan to construct our own stadium to add value to the club. We are also establishing our own training facilities, and hostels to accommodate our players to motivate them to excel."

He added, "We also want to groom many of our young players to play actively for the various national teams in Ghana and at the international level."

"We have now started a football academy to develop our young and talented footballers to enable them to play prominently locally as well as for clubs in Europe and beyond."

"Within the five-year period, we should be able to complete all these laudable projects to transform Legon Cities to be one of the most attractive and successful football clubs in Africa."